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Eastland Here to Stay

Eastland Here to Stay

Posted Date: Thursday, 20-Aug-2015

Eastland Development (HK) Ltd has entered the Cambodian property market with grand promises to provide high quality residential and commercial property solutions to Cambodian nationals and international investors. Furthermore, Eastland intends to do so with the highest standards of corporate credibility and professionalism in all their activities.

The first of these projects to reach completion will be the East One International Apartments complex, located on the corner of Street 51 and Street 214, Duan Penh, providing luxury high rise living in the heart of Phnom Penh. The next project in the pipeline is the East View Residence and East Commercial Center (ECC), set to become an entrepreneurial hub for young Cambodian and international businesses looking to find their feet in the Cambodian and ASEAN marketplace.

Other projects in the pipeline for Eastland include a high-star luxury hotel project and a modern shopping mall development, both set for design in the not so distant future. Eastland’s long term partners in all of these projects within Cambodia include the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China’s largest and most renowned construction company, and Buildwork Asia, a full-service property management company from Japan with over 50 years of experience in the property management industry.

Content image - Phnom Penh Post

And, in the words of Eastland Development Ltd’s CEO, Sam Yang, “We are here to stay!”

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Eastland Development is a branch of the world renowned Yuetai Group. Photo supplied
Eastland Development Ltd has expressed its full commitment to stay in the Cambodian market and wishes to support the economy through developing innovative real estate projects and driving entrepreneurial skills and professionalism throughout their company ranks.

When launching new developments, Eastland is also offering financial support packages to new buyers to allow all types of property seekers the opportunity to invest in their first dream apartment home.

Eastland Development Co. Ltd’s head office is located in Hong Kong and is one branch of the world renowned Yuetai Group, which has over 8 Billion Yuan in total assets. The Yuetai Group was among one of the first trailblazers to enter the Chinese real estate development market in 1994.

In just over two decades, the Yuetai Group had implemented strategies of a regional center and series projects in many cities across China and have been responsible for famous real estate icons across the country such as the Eastland Mansion in Beijing; South Ligang Bay; Xiaocui Garden; Yuexiyuan; Eaton 18; the New Wing for Grandbuy; Penglai Pavilion and the famous Swan Bay developments across Guangzhou, Beijing and Jiangmen. In total, their portfolio covers more than 20 groundbreaking projects.

In 2003, the Yuetai Group successfully purchased the majority equities of a listed company, Guangzhou Donghua Enterprise Co. Ltd. (SH600393). The Yuetai Group has won various honors for their real estate developments, including the Guangdong Top 20 Real Estate Qualification and Credit Enterprise Award, Guangdong Top 100 Private Company Award, the Guangzhou Top 10 Most Competitive Real Estate Developer Award, Guangzhou Trustworthy Brand Developer Award, and a Contract Abiding and Creditable Enterprise Award, to name just a few.

If you are looking for quality real estate from a world renowned development company, look out for Eastland’s new projects in Cambodia and partner with the best.

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